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Chilliwack is back on track

Well, If you have been following along – you may have heard that we had a bit of a wiggle with our plans in Chilliwack, BC.

But, we have that little problem solved now…. and here are the NEW details.

The plan remains the same for timings, but Scott will be staying at the Coast Hotel. (click on the image to enlarge)
We will get off the highway just a little earlier and go North… Hotel will be on the left.

There will be socializing and drinks at about 1900ish… @ Corkys Pub .  Which was recommended by 100% of the family members that planning minion Rob asked… ok – he only asked 1… but it is a really short walk for Scott from the hotel – and thats important.

and most of all – when contacting Corkys, Jen said no problem for a reservation of up to 30… so if you have family and friends in Chilliwack – invite them.

The next morning, the program has only minor variations.
We will still leave at 0930.
We will still take the same ferry.
We will still have police escort to the Port Mann bridge.

Our biggest change is the registration location – 0800 – 0915 in the coast hotel parking lot.

Please spread the word