So, now we are nearing the end, and so we are giving you one of the most epic motorcycle routes from Kamloops to the BC Lower Mainland.

Here is your GOOGLE MAP LINK.

Leaving Kamloops we avoid the Coquihalla International Raceway by taking the old route (5a) to Merritt.  This nicely twisty secondary highway follows some nice lakes and travels through the desert plains, and serves as a great warmup.

Short stop in Merritt for fuel, and grinning.  Then the twisty begins.

We will follow the Nicola River as it flows towards the Thompson River – and we are working on a lunch location in Spences Bridge.  This 60 km stretch of road has almost no flat or straight stretches.

After lunch we follow the Thompson River to the Fraser River (Lytton) where we will have a stop for fuel, before running down the Fraser Canyon to the Lower Mainland.

Because this route follows rivers, it is very twisty, tight, with steep hills, epic scenery/vistas, and not many passing lanes.
This is not a race, but a chance for people to see some great scenery.  The group will not travel as a formed pack, but establish key points to meet up, with an identified trail rider – who will be last.  Once we clear the mountains near Hope, the pack will re-establish to ride as a group to the evenings location…..

Which, we will be staying at the decommissioned base location of what once was CFB Chilliwack – now used as a government training facility and conference center.
Of note – if you are planning on attending – you must be on the list of registered riders by 9 Aug… because it’s a government conference center.

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Rate is $138.60, includes meals (supper and breakfast) & taxes.

Again – please note, your name must be on the list of pre-registered riders that we give them, so conduct an online registration, even if it’s just for 1 day – use the link below if you intend to spend the night with the herd.

As we get closer, more route details will be posted, right now our priority is informing people

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