As The Rolling Barrage enters the mountains, we have arranged for possible the best deal on accomodations in Jasper, mere steps from the Legion and in the heart of town.

This is a day with many complex options, if people just wish a direct route, or a more complex detour and an opportunity to travel some of the better riding roads to get to the destination – we have those. This is a rare situation in this cross country adventure.

Because Jasper is inside the National Park – if you ordered your free park pass, bring it – it will avoid stopping to register – even though it is free, they will still want people to sign up.  There are already a number of people who have them, so as long as we have a bunch within the group, no hassles are expected… but if you have a pass and can bring it, it could make life easier.

Adding to the value of free park access, Jasper will be insanely busy, and normally quite overpriced.  TRB has obtained a block booking of the remaining space (about 50 beds) in the Jasper Downtown hostel.  The table of remaining rooms they have(as of 18 May), and cost per room (A/D) or per bed (S/T/U/V), is listed below.


Jasper Hostel Rooms
Room Bunk Bed Single Bathroom Price # of People
A 3 Private $148 3
D 1 Private $117 2
S 3  1 Private $45 each  7
T 3  1 Shared (T,U,V) $36 each  7
U 3 1 Shared (T,U,V) $36 each 7
V 3 1 Shared (T,U,V) $36 each 7

To get these awesome deals, there is some effort involved on our parts.  The Hostel has requested that if a person calls, they are booking the room – the entire room.

Here is an example:
Brett, our fearless Provincial Rep for Alberta, has booked a room already – but it isn’t full.  So, he is working among the group to fill in the names that will stay in the room of bunk beds with him.  So, a couple other planning members have agreed to bunk in with him.

So, if you have a group of people who you are going to travel with, or wish to post on the Facebook page that you are planning on attending, work with a group of people and book a room.

Rates outside of this hostel will be quite high, if you can find a room – some places we have contacted are already booked solid.  This is one that is very specific to “he who hesitates, will be lost”.

To book a room – the number is 780-852-2000, and they will only accept booking for The Rolling Barrage until July 1st, at which point everything that remains is opened up to the general public for booking.  

As we get closer to the 1 July date, we will work with the hostel to see about individuals booking a bed on their own, without booking the entire room, if there is a lack of people wanting to stay there, and we can’t organize a room among the FB page.

Our social event that evening will be at the local Legion, in the building right beside the hostel.

As we get closer, more route details will be posted, right now our priority is informing people

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