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Riding the roads of the Maritimes

Ride to Halifax

Have you ridden the roads of Nova Scotia?
If you haven’t, you are missing out on quite a hidden gem in the east.  The lazy meandering secondary highways along the Atlantic Ocean are an enjoyable ride.  Why not check some out on your way to Halifax to join the Rolling Barrage before it heads west.

That’s right – if you are in Ontario, you have a few days of travel to get to Halifax, but we have a plan for that… The Rolling Barrage doesn’t leave until AFTER the August long weekend.  So if you were to use the weekend to touristy travel east, then join TRB west bound, you are in Ottawa the following Sunday, and will have visited many unique spots in Canadas Maritimes, using just 1 week of vacation time.  Nova Scotia has an abundance of touristy, history, brewery, and other things to see that end in -y

If you get to Halifax early, there are any number of enjoyable touristy locations to see.  Take your ride to scenic Peggys cove (there is motorcycle parking) and loop around to Mahone bay.  Are you a “Curse of Oak Island” fan?  That location is a short ride from Halifax along the coast.  Postcard photo moments are everywhere.

Halifax is a very military supportive city, with a long history attached to the RCN, and the ocean.  Military and veteran discounts are everywhere, and worth asking about.  The city even named a harbour ferry for one of the areas fallen soldiers, MCpl Christopher Stannix.

Places like the Citadel go back to the earliest days of European settlers coming to the harbour.

If history is not your cup of tea, we can recommend Brewery.  Many new craft beer purveyors are available in Halifax as the last 5 years has seen an explosion of brewers start up to develop their offerings.  The other option is to enjoy some of the traditional Halifax landmarks such as The Lower Deck for a Keiths.

Either way, The Rolling Barrage wants to ensure you get the most enjoyment from your vacation time, and we think that using the weekend to travel east, then loop west with us, is the best way to get everything while supporting a great cause.  You could travel the Cabot Trail to cover portions that TRB might not cover, or the other direction (won’t tell you about that just yet) or just take that time to stop and smell the salt breeze.

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Thank you

the ride is complete.
The hard work really begins now, not just math – but starting the conversations about what went right this year, what needs work for next year – and how to make it bigger, better, with a whole new level of awesomeness, next year. Continue reading Thank you

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Ride rules

The purpose of riding in an organized group instead of an undisciplined pack is to provide the additional safety that a well-organized group inherently generates. This comes from within the group and from the outside. When a group rides in an orderly fashion, people don’t get in each other’s way, and the organization of the formation itself discourages cars from attempting to cut in. The following rules are compiled from a number of sources and are considered standard rules-of thumb. Most clubs that ride in orderly formations follow similar rules. Continue reading Ride rules

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Challenge coins


If you aren’t up to speed on challenge coins and their significance – here is a link (opens in new tab) to the Wikipedia site  or if you are ok listening to a 20 minute podcast, here is another link (opens in new tab) to a Roman Mars discussion.

TRB will have a challenge coins made.   The numbers will have different meanings.
1 digit coins(1-9) will be special purpose VIP use only.  These identify people that have been a substantial part of TRB, and have made significant impact upon the mission.
2 digit coins(10-99) will be for the long haulers and do nearly the entire ride.  People who have dedicated so much their own time, effort and funds to it.
3 digit coins (100-999) will be for those that have made a substantial contribution of travelling for almost half the time on the ride.
4 digit coins (1000 and up) will be available for purchase while quantities last during the ride.

Graphics will be posted when we can.