Volunteers needed

Hey folks, 2018 planning is well underway, and we are now looking for people to help out.  We identified many areas for improvement on the 2018 cross Canada adventure, and will work to make things better. To acheive that success, we need your help.  We need volunteers all across Canada. We understand the challenge of […]

Now the hard work begins….

As with all good military operations (ok and the bad ones too), the post event work is just as important as the planning and execution. We turn to our fellow riders, fans, and everyone, to help identify lessons that we need to learn for future events.

Printable waiver

Hey everyone, After some back and forths, too’ing and fro’ing, ummms and ahhhs, making sure everything was all on the up and up with the insurance company, and the i’s were dotted, t’s crossed etc – we have the final version of the waiver available.  This is used if you didn’t pre-register.

Ride rules

The purpose of riding in an organized group instead of an undisciplined pack is to provide the additional safety that a well-organized group inherently generates. This comes from within the group and from the outside. When a group rides in an orderly fashion, people don’t get in each other’s way, and the organization of the […]

Challenge coins

THE CHALLENGE COINS If you aren’t up to speed on challenge coins and their significance – here is a link (opens in new tab) to the Wikipedia site  or if you are ok listening to a 20 minute podcast, here is another link (opens in new tab) to a Roman Mars discussion. TRB will have a […]