With a event of this size and shape, the best thing to do is have an achieveable plan.  If you don’t have a plan for success, you cannot prove that it can be done.

Here is our plan. It has been broken down into a number of sections – so that people do not need to download and scroll through a bunch of areas they aren’t part of.  Plus the fact that the full document is around 89 pages…..

Here is our list of places and times that the registration table and swag table will be set up.
registration and swag (click to download pdf)
The downloadable waiver will be available monday – and is important enough that it will get its own news post.

Nfld (click to download pdf)

Sydney to Ottawa (click to download pdf)

Ottawa to Thunder Bay(click to download pdf)

Thunder Bay to Edmonton (click to download pdf)

Edmonton to the end(click to download pdf)

Hope everyone is getting excited… we are.