But, for the people that know about big military rides – his willingness to attend The Rolling Barrage is inspiring to us.

When we think of famous people our minds often go directly to mainstream celebrities. It’s natural as that’s where media pushes our focus. But there is a line of famous people in this world that are literally known by thousands yet unheard of by the same.

These sleeper celebrities aren’t looking for the glamour and high society life. They prefer to be just like you and me. All the while doing an amazing amount of work in the public eye, under the spotlight so to speak.

James Gregory is one of those guys. “Gunny” (his rank namesake from his time in the Corps) as he is known to thousands, is one of the founding fathers of The Run for the Wall(RFTW) (click for website)

RFTW began as a dream, as most major events do, while on a ride from California to Indiana where he would conduct more training as a Marine. For Gunny, the following months would see him thinking about putting something together for the MIA/POW cause he was learning so much about. Some phone calls were made and letters written and in May of 1989, he arrived at the location designated for the start of this ride. He had expectations of maybe 10 or so riders but as he rolled up he was met by a larger group than he could believe. When he rode out of that parking lot, he and 150 other riders departed on what has now become the biggest veterans motorcycle rallies in the US.

It is an honour for me to introduce James “Gunny” Gregory as our guest. Gunny will be joining The Rolling Barrage in Sydney, Nova Scotia and riding as one of our own.

James “Gunny” Gregory
USMC Vietnam 68-69- retired 1989
Founder of The Run for the Wall