Hello everyone,
Realizing that this post is a little overdue- here is most of what you want or need to know about the registration process.
Start by opening this LINK  (its our website and should open in a new window).
click on the REGISTRATION header in the menu.  There is a spot for registration near the top – or you can scroll further down and see how we have broken things down.
Upon completion of the registration, you get an email reciept, and we get your name, and contact info, in addition to the days you expect to participate in TRB.


both tiers of early bird registration are complete.
we are now printing up the last of the pre-ordered shirts, with extras to sell.
keep an eye out on the FACEBOOK page for when we reveal the Vimy 100/Canada 150 limited edition shirts, with Artwork by noted artist- won’t tell you who yet.

There may be some available along the ride, but we make no guarantees.
Fees are set as they were after the

Pre-register for 1 day.
Cost is $30 for bike and rider,
With your paid fee, you get a bandana.
If you pay $10 for a passenger, your passenger gets a bandana.
We ask you to select your day – for the reasons of planning and expectation management.

Pre-register for 2-3 days.
Cost is $50, for primary attendee, and their mode of transport (notice that a helicopter is an option under gender – don’t ask me why – but our webmaster might be a little …unique).
Comes with a bandana
if you have a Passenger
– click the $20 option, they get TRB bandana.
– please select the size for your passenger as appropriate.
As above, we ask you to select your days so that we have your stuff available(in case you bought shirts) on your expected start date at the registration table.  This makes everyone lives easier.

Pre-register to be on the TRB for 4-5 days.
Cost is $70, for the first person.
– get a banana a
Like previous options, if you select a passenger – cost is $30.
– get a bandana,
– or pay to also get their own t-shirt.  Isn’t it nice to have options.
As above, we ask you to select your days so that we are ready for you on your expected start date at the registration table.  You want to make the registration staff happy, don’t you?

Pre-register for 6-10 days.
Cost is $10.
– get a bandana,
Passenger details are just like previous registration points, and we ask you to select your day so that we have your shirts and coins ready for you on the first day you join the ride.

Pre-register for long haul – 10+ days – nearly the whole country.
Cost is $130.
– a bandana,
Passenger details …… just like the rest.

CHALLENGE COINS are explained on this post.

These early bird perks will not last long(now expired) – we have lead times to get stuff made, and early bird cutoff for the shirts and coin prices that are included here.  Due to the printing deadlines, we have established 6 June as our first cutoff date so we can put in our first order.

On the days of the ride, we will be advertising the launch points – we hope to organize police/fire escorts, which could be a parade out of town.  Scott Casey will likely be doing some interviews, and we want the thundering herd to depart as one unit for media visibility.  A registration desk will be set up in advance for people to register on the day of the event – pay the $30 bucks to ride with TRB.  Bandanas are not guaranteed, but we have ordered many.
As this event will have a liability insurance policy, waivers will be required to be signed and handed to registration staff.
Pre-registered folks showing up on their day or first day, will be able to pick up their shirts and other swag items at that time.  If we have enough volunteers – there will be a special table for pre-registered people.
All participants will be issued with an identifier to show that they have registered and signed the insurance waiver.

If you haven’t liked our FB page The ROLLING BARRAGE  (yes that is a link to it), please join now.
If you have questions, please post them there, and a member of the team will do our best to answer, even if it results in writing another blog post like this.

Thanks for your time and reading this far.