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Printable waiver

Hey everyone,

After some back and forths, too’ing and fro’ing, ummms and ahhhs, making sure everything was all on the up and up with the insurance company, and the i’s were dotted, t’s crossed etc – we have the final version of the waiver available.  This is used if you didn’t pre-register.This is also the only way to jump on the ride at a stop that isn’t a designated registration stop.(link to trip plan details)

The instructions are simple:
1 – download it TRB-REGISTRATION-FORM-WAIVER-RELEASE (editted tuesday for better print settings)

2 – if you can fill it out on the computer before printing it – great, if not – please print legibly and bring it with you after you print it off.

3 – hand it in with your $$ (we accept credit cards at designated registration stops), to receive your wristband – and if they are still available – a bandana.

It will streamline the registration process, and we all want things to run smoother…. don’t we?

Let us know of any questions